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Greyhounds chase the lure at a NOTRA amateur race

“Track Greyhounds — too much engine and not enough frame. But I am addicted to that speed.”

Michele Houghton, amateur Greyhound racing enthusiast

Show Notes

Michele Houghton had her first lure coursing experience in 1992. At the time, she had a kennel of nearly 40 Greyhounds. Michele loved the sport, but she soon realized that hard New England fields were better suited to smaller breeds than her Greyhounds. In 1998, she discovered amateur racing, and everything changed.

Michele began racing her Greyhounds with Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) clubs in New England. The organization blossomed in the mid 1990s. LGRA races are held on 200 yard flat and straight courses. The format is very user friendly for Greyhound pet owners and new adopters.

Dr. Jennifer Ng also has a background in amateur racing. After adopting her first Greyhound in 2007, she sought out activities for her Greyhound in Camden, SC. Little did Jennifer know that one of those activities would set her first Greyhound on the path to a championship.

Jennifer’s first Greyhound ran in amateur track races with the National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA). NOTRA holds events at large fields and former racing training tracks around the country. Both NOTRA and LGRA races are rooted in fun competition and bragging rights for owners and Greyhounds. Trophies, ribbons, stuffed animals and glory await the winners of these races.

In this episode, host John Parker sits down with Dr. Jennifer Ng and Michele Houghton to learn more about amateur racing for your Greyhound. Jennifer and Michele share their unique perspectives on the LGRA and NOTRA formats. They also share tips to help both Greyhounds adopters and puppy owners get their dogs involved in amateur racing.