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Left to right: Lynn Bunn with Oreo (Big Talker); Patti Kacer with Manny (KK Manhattan); and Dr. Jennifer Ng with Stormy (a Whippet)

Episode 7 – Recorded October 8, 2020

“If any of you are interested, Lucy is racing tonight at Palm Beach Kennel Club — race 15, box 8. You can watch it live on the feed!”

Lynn Bunn, via Facebook Messenger

Show Notes

It’s just before 9pm on Friday, October 9, 2020. From her home in Galveston, Texas, Lynn Bunn (Fast Canines Greyhound Adoption) is glued to Internet live streams. She’s not watching news about Hurricane Delta, COVID-19 or the 2020 election.

She’s waiting for her racing Greyhound to head to the box at the Palm Beach Kennel Club (PBKC).

Lynn is one of a growing number of Greyhound adopters to dip their toes in the waters of racing Greyhound ownership. Her Greyhound — Lucy, aka KB’s Lookin Good — has a good start at PBKC but gets bumped in the first turn. She closes late on the inside and manages a 5th place finish.

“She is learning how to navigate — that was her 20th race,” remarks Lynn.

Her optimism for the breed is shared with other Greyhound adopters turned racing owners, like Patti Kacer (Greyhounds as Pets of Northeast FL) of Jacksonville, Florida and Dr. Jennifer Ng (Greyhounds Crossroads and Greyhound Adopters for Racing), a veterinarian from Columbia, South Carolina. Each of them has a story to tell about how Greyhound adoption grew into racing Greyhound ownership.

Patti comments, “That’s the hardest turn on the track. Any track.”

In this episode of Greyhound Nation, host John Parker joins Lynn, Patti and Jennifer in a roundtable discussion about the ins and outs of racing Greyhound ownership. Topics include finding the right investment partner, the cost of training and kenneling, and that moment when your very own Greyhound takes 1st place at the track.