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Episode 5 – Recorded September 7, 2020

“There is a growing community of responsible hobbyist Greyhound breeders … [who will] be of increasing importance as both sources for pets and amateur sporting Greyhounds and for the preservation of the American racing bloodlines.”

John Parker

Show Notes

In 2021, fewer than five Greyhound race tracks will remain open in the United States. Even as the population of available former racers dwindles, the interest in Greyhounds as pets and sporting dogs remains high. The result can be long wait times or even outright disappointment for potential adopters.

Enter the hobbyist Greyhound breeder. Located throughout the country, these individuals and the puppies they breed from racing and coursing bloodlines are increasingly important as former racing Greyhounds become scarce. It’s a chance for the breed — especially American racing bloodlines — to continue to prosper as the American racing industry declines.

What drives someone to start breeding Greyhounds? Are the puppies destined to be pets or amateur racers? Does color matter? What’s expected of a potential buyer? Are you the right person for this puppy? Are you willing to build a relationship with the breeder?

In Greyhound Nation’s first roundtable discussion episode, host John Parker welcomes three hobbyist breeders to the show — Melissa Schmidt, Audrey Hsia and Diana Pickering — to explore these questions and more. John also shares with listeners his own experiences as a hobbyist breeder.