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From left to right: Teddy, Oliver, and Fantalilly

Episode 34: Recorded January 15, 2023

“If you could bottle what I felt and sell it, I’d be a rich man…”

British racing Greyhound owner George Sell describes seeing his first Greyhoundk, Steeple Road Teddy, win a race

Show Notes

George Sell lives the life of a travel and real estate writer, business owner and “horse husband” in the south of England. His wife is an accomplished equestrian. They both love and own Whippets. He’s also involved in a couple of racing Greyhound ownership syndicates.

Greyhound racing syndicates might raise an eyebrow for the unfamiliar, but they are fast becoming the best way for a fan of the breed to try their hand at owning a racer. George’s first racing Greyhound — Steeple Road Teddy — was owned by a 10-member syndicate. When the Greyhound was having trouble, George enlisted a former Waterloo Cup coursing trainer to set things right.

Managing a racing syndicate is just one part of racing Greyhound ownership in Great Britain. Owners get to participate in Sundays at the kennel, visiting and playing with their Greyhounds, the trainer, and fellow owners. They also have to react to changes to the sport and its tracks since the COVID pandemic.

In this episode, George shares his experience as a racing Greyhound owner in the UK. Host John Parker discusses with George sourcing a potential winning Greyhound, finding the right trainer, and adapting to changes in Irish and British Greyhound racing.