You are currently viewing Virtual Launch: Charlie Blanning’s First Greyhound Novel, “Rags to Riches”
Charlie Blanning (inset), and the cover of his first Greyhound novel, "Rags to Riches"

Episode 38: Recorded June 25, 2023

“I became fond of all the characters. I couldn’t wait to get to keyboard to write down what they were going to do next.”

Author Charlie Blanning on writing his first Greyhound novel, Rags to Riches

Show Notes

Charlie Blanning admits that he’s “never frightened by a blank page.” He’s proven this once again with the release of his latest book, Rags to Riches. The book, available to order from Charlie’s Facebook page, The Greyhound & the Hare, is his first work of fiction. It captures in Ireland and England after World War I through the lens of a young girl, a Greyhound, and the sports of coursing and horse racing.

As with his previous three non-fiction books about Greyhounds, Charlie pulls from several sources with which he is very familiar. Rags to Riches features (re-named) family members from his past, as well as prominent historical figures from Greyhound coursing and horse racing of the period. Charlie also channels his love of theater and past experience as a coursing correspondent to bring the characters to life.

In this exclusive virtual book launch episode, host John Parker and Charlie discuss Rags to Riches, from the fiction writing process to private label publishing of the final product. Charlie shares some of the historical backstory that brings life to the characters and the settings of the book. Listeners will find themselves insiders to a much larger Greyhound story than they may have expected.